Je winkelwagen is leeg ..!

Hendri Venter


"I have been enchanted by wildlife and the natural world for as long as I can remember, and now wildlife photography is my avocation and obsession."

As a young child growing up on a farm in South Africa, Henri quickly turned to the seemingly endless expanse of wildlife on the farm. Exploring nature by horseback or by foot, he began to form a strong sense of appreciation and amazement for all things natural. This appreciation has only grown with time.

But it was only when he picked up his first camera, that he really understood how he could capture and show his appreciation. 

Capturing images in their natural beauty alone has never been enough for Hendri, as nature has its own stories to tell. They spring from the things he sees and the events he witnesses. They may be told by a pack of dogs, a wildebeest on the horizon or a bird in the sky. He uses his camera like a writer uses his pen.

As a medium, photography allows Hendri to create art in his own way by depicting nature as he sees it through the use of different lenses, shutter speeds, apertures, and composition. He always tries to keep the image as close to the feeling he had when taking the picture.

According to Hendri, to be able to capture a moment in the ongoing and amazing flow of nature based on the everlasting flow and ebb of time, is a gift from god. And he is truely gratefull he is able to share his images with the world, and likeminded people around it.

Foto kunst

Hendri Venter is a highly honered wildlife photographer. 

He has been numerously mentionend, honored and awarded by "Natures best Photography Africa" aswell as mentioned in the Sony world photography awards in the categories travel & wildlife.

His composition is based on storytelling. His pictures all have a way of capturing the true essence of what is is to live free and according to the laws of nature. Sometimes brutal, sometimes beautiful, but always fair and without malice. His art inspires us to be better.

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