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Krzysztof Browko


Krzysztof Browko is a renowned Polish landscape photographer. 

His adventure with photography started not so long ago in 2005.
The advent of digital photography and the creation of the world wide web accelerated the development of photo web portals, lowering the threshold for getting into photography for him.

At that time he came across simple compact camera. His motivation for taking pictures became a single drive, to make top quality images with perfect compositions from places he had never been to before. His splendid landscape photography is a result of that one simple camera making it's way to his hands back then. 

Today, Krzysztof travels across the world's roadless tracts, camera in hand. He is a hunter, who's aim is to capture the most interesting part of reality. Finding the ultimate lighting experience to capture places that no man has ever set foot on. 

Whit his inspiring landscapes He has won several distinctions, honorable mentions and awards at international photo competitions these past years. 

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