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Ruud Peters


Ruud Peters was born in 1963 in the North of Holland. For over 30 years he has been working as a photographer, more specifically as a product, portrait and wedding photographer. 

But in the last 12 years his interest in nature, landscapes & macrophotography has been peaking. 

Ruud's goal is to really look for the unusual in the common. Using lighting, perspective and angle as his tools for getting his perfect shot. His mantra is "there is a good scene everywhere" 

He specialises primarily in  landscape, architectural, abstract and nature photography.

His pictures feel almost unnatural, as the images of daily objects become strangely attractive and vibrant. 

Foto kunst

Ruud is widely recognised as an artist with his own vision. Aside from regular publications of his portfolio, he hold regular exhibitions and has participated in several photography festivals. He has also won a number of photography awards. 

Portfolio publications in Photo Video Digital & the monthly "Grasduinen". Also regular photography work published in several other media. 

Most noted Photography awards - among others:

Nominee In category "Nature Professional"  - The International Color Awards, 2006.
1st place in category "Nature, Wildlife & Pets" - The International Photography Awards Competition, 2006.
Winner in category "Fine Art Pro" of the prestigious Px3 Paris Public Choice Award,2007.
1st place in category "Nature Professionals" - International Blacn & White Spider Awards, 2008.

Recently Ruuds work has been exposed in Galierie Opsteker in Amsterdam, and some of Ruuds artwork has been shown during the photofestival at Knokke. 

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